Coverage Gap for Emerging Risks

While customers see a gap in their coverage due to evolving risks, insurers are yet to recognize the full extent of demand driven by emerging risks. As customer needs evolve due to the fast-changing risk landscape, insurers’ success may be contingent upon the ability to understand and align with policyholders’ requirements quickly.

Customer Exposure to Emerging Risks

Customers report high exposure to emerging risks across the board. Individual customers polled for the World Insurance Report 2019 overwhelmingly indicated moderate to high exposure to emerging risks related to health and cybersecurity. More than 85% of personal customers say they have medical and health risk exposure; however, only one in 10 has an existing policy that comprehensively covers this risk. Similarly, commercial customers indicated the changing business environment and cybersecurity as significant threats, but most of them feel inadequately covered.


World Insurance Report 2019

As new risks are impacting the insurance landscape, the World Insurance Report 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores the opportunity for insurers to develop new, technologically-advanced products to provide comprehensive risk coverage and better manage shifting customer expectations.

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