Transform customer engagement from transactions to relationships; build your Wellness-as-a-Service offering

Capgemini's Wellness-as-a-Service framework, experience, and expertise can help you deliver enhanced customer journeys, innovative wellness initiatives, and connected ecosystem solutions while educating your policyholders to close the insurance ownership gap. With our out-of-the-box accelerators, ready-to-deploy solutions, and an ecosystem of trusted partners, we can help you get a head-start as you look to provide hyper-personalized services and realize deeper engagement with your customers along their physical and financial wellness journeys.

Wellness product and experience strategy

Applying our expertise in behavioral science and mobile technology, we can:

  • • Help you develop your customer experience strategy and define the capability stack needed to realize it.
  • • Work alongside you to design and build the mobile-first experiences focused on physical, financial, and/or mental wellness.
  • • Manage your wellness applications across member services and partner integration services, business rules, API management, and reporting.
  • • Develop a wellness dashboard for your customers providing live insights and personalized recommendations.
  • • Help you create an employee-focused suite of solutions to motivate “wellness at work.”

Ecosystem strategy and development

Working with our network of ecosystem players, we can:

  • • Based on the capability stack, plan what can be leveraged from existing technology and what needs to be built or integrated with the ecosystem partners.
  • • Help arm you with well-defined service criteria to evaluate potential platforms and make the best-fit choices.
  • • Ensure seamless integration of solution providers with your firm's IT infrastructure.

Data and Analytics

Leveraging proprietary data platforms and proven AI/ML expertise, we can:

  • • Help you validate different value propositions, translating wellness white space opportunities into tangible, measurable, and more predictable outcomes.
  • • Assist you in creating hyper-personalized customer journeys: use sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) to map together customer data from multiple sources and track individua lperformance in real time, providing recommendations to help them meet their physical and financial wellness performance goals.
  • • Help with loading data into your wellness engine to offer possible customer incentives to enhance policyholder loyalty and to identify likely cross-sell and up-sell new opportunities.

Accelerate your Wellness-as-a-Service offering rollout

With our pre-built member wellness accelerator WERVe (WEllness ReVolution), we can help life and health insurers to jumpstart their Wellness-as-a-Service program and expand offerings around physical and mental well-being. By implementing this mobile wellness app based on a collaborative partner program featuring health, wellness, and rewards, insurers can deliver more effective member health and wellness tracking as well as generate more accurate wellness plans. As a result, insurers can reduce claims costs and gain high margins.

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Wherever your organization is in its Wellness-as-a-Service journey, we have the tools, methodologies, and partnerships to get you where you need to go - fast.