Sustainable Insurance

Build the foundation to drive a sustainable and climate-resilient future

As ESG gains momentum, sustainability in the insurance industry is becoming integral to activities across the value-chain. Capgemini helps insurers build the right foundation to manage climate risk, identify sustainability linked growth opportunities, and monitor stakeholder interactions. We blend deep domain expertise, ready-to-deploy solutions, and an ecosystem of trusted partners to collaborate with you about ESG strategy and data intelligence to align your organization’s sustainability objectives with actions.

Fundamental ESG Data

The first step toward sustainability transformation is putting in place a system to measure data supported by a centralized data platform across the insurance value-chain. We partner with insurers to build a sustainability-aligned ESG data hub to measure fundamental ESG data so you can effectively manage climate risk and support the innovation of sustainability-linked products.

Custom Green Scores

Both insurers and customers are looking for effective ways to measure, monitor, and predict the impact of climate risk. We devise a framework to establish customizable ESG scores by leveraging internal and external data, including customer sentiments derived from AI/ML structured and unstructured data sources. We help you integrate these ESG scores into your underwriting, pricing, and customer interactions. Sentiment data and ESG scores can be used for peer group benchmarking while also providing insights into underwriting and pricing.


Integrating a 360-degree view of an insured asset with qualitative ESG attributes enables more effective asset management across acquisition, due diligence, underwriting, and servicing. Our Property360 offering has an integrated property risk management framework that embeds ESG considerations into every stage of the property lifecycle. For example, we use composite scores to assess risk selection, ESG variables to determine pricing, and carbon-footprint index scores or IoT-based continuous monitoring and exposure tracking to oversee buildings.

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Regardless of where your organization is in its sustainability journey Capgemini has the tools, methodologies, and partnerships to inspire you and help you get where you need to go.