Way Forward

Only those insurers that foster digital agility will be in a position to develop future-ready operating models that will ensure long-term business sustainability.

Future Insurance Business Imperatives

Digital agility is critical to deft navigation of today’s dynamically competitive insurance market and will be a necessity in meeting the business imperatives of the future. Insurers rated the need for end-to-end personalization of the customer’s insurance journey (65.7%) and the need to integrate with new data sources (63%) as their most pressing, high-impact imperatives for the future. These were followed by the need to integrate with new technologies/players (60.2%) and the need to redesign products at fundamental levels (45.8%).

World Insurance Report 2018

The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma highlights the need for insurers to enhance digital agility to deftly respond to market shifts and evolving customer expectations and stay ahead of BigTech competition. The report suggests a framework for a digitally-integrated ecosystem that will help insurers become future-ready. ‘WIR 2018’ is available online, now. Take a look…for in-depth forward-looking analysis and detailed industry assessment.

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